About Hailey…

Born in Georgetown, D.C. on September 10th, 1998, Hailey was exposed to art and activism from a young age. She can recall sitting in her living room, somewhere between the ages of 5 and 10, listening in as her parents hosted a community meeting addressing how to embody and promote a sustainable “green” lifestyle. This mentality, that every voice has the power to instill change, planted the seed of what now fuels many of her aggregate concepts.

Hailey was always encouraged to follow her innate creativity and curiosity, fostering a mental environment for wonder to blossom. At Bethesda- Chevy Chase High School she began to develop the content of her work through her I.B. Art focus- The Relationship Between the Mind and the Body. As an undergraduate student at Virginia Tech, with a Major in Creative Technologies and a Minor in Leadership & Social Change, Hailey worked in a variety of mediums to explore the capacity of the human condition, the relationships we build both emotionally and physically, and how we as a species interact consciously and unconsciously with our environment.

From analog methods like painting and illustration, to digital renderings and animations, to multi-media installations that encompass the broad spectrum of her skillsets, Hailey has formed a unique and distinct style. Often, her studies of human tendencies, interpersonal interactions and communities have lead to the facilitation of dialogue regarding such themes as celebration, communication and story-telling. In turn, collaboration has become an essential facet of her practice, lending to a unity of the arts within her work.

Hailey strives to bring her strong passion for creating, writing and exploring with her where-ever she goes, and everywhere she will go.

I have a vision of this world (and many others) that I love to share.

I hope you take a look around…


To keep up-to-date with Hailey and her work, follow her Instagram- @haileyhartiganstudios